Guest Blog: Adding different pockets inside the Romantic Roses Sewing Caddy by Alicia Raaymaker, Australia

Guest Blog: Adding different pockets inside the Romantic Roses Sewing Caddy by Alicia Raaymaker, Australia

Romantic Roses Sewing Caddy sewn out by Alicia Raaymakers

Alicia wanted to add 2 pockets inside and a ribbon attachment to turn the sewing caddy into her knitting bag

I have been looking for a while now for a nice pattern for a sewing caddy and when I saw the Enchanting Designs Romantic Roses Sewing Caddy, it was exactly what I was looking for to use to store all my knitting and crochet items. The design is really pretty and functional. Like many other knitters I had been using several plastic bags!

It seems a great idea to have a bag to not only store my wool, knitting needles, scissors, tape measures etc, but also something that I could put my patterns in.

As I started making the bag, I realized that I could actually add pockets inside to enhance its design. Therefore, I made three changes:

Firstly I added a large pocket with a pleat where I store my patterns on one inside, wide enough for an A4 sized pattern. It has a ribbon tie so the pocket can be made wider as required.

I also placed wadding on the seam of the three sides to avoid tearing the inner bag with the weight. The material for the pocket (2 layers) is about 10 cm bigger than an A4 paper size and I have added a little stitch to make an angle at about 5 cm (2 inches) to both topsides of the pocket so the pocket doesn’t look too “loose”.

.At the bottom of the pocket , the pleat is sewn flat. 

The second alteration was to add a ribbon on the thinner side of the bag so I can thread my wool through to avoid tangling when I am using 2 balls.

Thirdly, I added a second pocket on the inside of the bag with a zipper to store the more delicate items, again with wading on the four sides to reinforce the lining. For the zipper, I stitched the top material right face down on one side of the zipper, put a layer of wadding, fold it over and stitch it down with a decorative stitch and did the same process with the bottom part of the pocket 

It is always a pleasure to use Enchanting Designs Machine embroidery projects when finished  and it is a joy to sew the projects out.

Thank you Alicia !

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