10 Easy Tips for Sewing Vinyl

Stitching with Vinyl
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Clear Vinyl is a single layer of clear (see-through) plastic
10 Easy Tips for sewing vinyl (plastic)
1. Place a cloth on top and iron with a medium iron to remove wrinkles
2. Cut with a rotary cutter
3. Don’t use pins as they will damage the vinyl. Use quilters clips instead
4. Use a Teflon foot if you have one
5. Stick scotch tape on the underside of your ordinary metal foot
6. Change your needle to a size 80 and increase your stitch length to 3.0
7. Place tissue paper underneath and on top before stitching and gently tear way
8. If you are stitching vinyl onto cotton fabric, iron thin vilene interfacing onto the
back of the cotton
9. Place cotton fabric on the table and place the vinyl on top before stitching
10.Sprinkle a little corn start or talc powder onto the machine plate and onto the


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